How to Die Cut Large Detailed Images | Crafting Quick Tip

Sometimes cutting big and detailed dies, especially background dies, can be tricky. After playing around with this beautiful background die from the Stitched Lace Dies set, I found a combination that works like a charm every time. This sandwich should work with most die cutters as well, but you may have to tweak it a bit.


Use the correct platform sandwich you would normally use for cutting thin dies or thinlits.

Instead of using your regular base plate, use the precision base plate.

Place your die on the precision base plate at an angle cutting side up. Make sure you place it within the cutting area on the base plate. Place your cardstock on top of your die.

Plase your base plate on top of your sandwich and run it through your die cutting machine. Flip your plate over to avoid warping and run it all through your machine again.

Carefully peel your die-cut image off of the die.

Use a die brush and a foam pad to clean the die and/or remove any lingering tiny pieces in your paper.

That’s it!

I’d love to hear any tricks you like to use with your intricate and detailed dies. Drop them in the comments below.

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