Stars Forever| Simple Stamping Monday | Memorial Day Special

In honor of Memorial Day, we are making three easy cards today. As we take time to remember our fallen soldiers, let’s also take some time to remind those mourning the loss of their loved ones that we remember, we recognize their pain, and that we are truly grateful for their sacrifice.

For these cards, I used the Wood Words stamp set. I love this stamp set, but it will be retiring with the current catalog on June 3. It’s still available while supplies last until then.

This first card is probably my favorite. It’s so basic and simple. I like the rustic feel of it, but it’s truly a complete card. I also love how you can easily apply this basic layout to so many of the stamps in this set. Change up the colors you use and this set truly becomes quite versatile.

This card is also easy to dress up. Simply by adding a few layers and some basic embellishments, it takes on a whole new look.

I love it when stamps work well to create a repeating background. That’s what happened here. After I made this I realized you could even make stripes using the stars stacked on one another, then use that as your very own patterned paper. I also think the multi-colored effect on the sentiment really adds to this card.

The last card uses a really fun (but messy) technique. Did you know you could use your acrylic blocks as stamps? You can really use just about anything as a stamp. When you start looking for all the things you can stamp with, you may find yourself taking on a very creative flair.

I do realize that the sentiment on this card is quite difficult to read. There isn’t really enough contrast between the ink color and the background. This can be fixed a couple of ways. The sentiment could be near embossed with white embossing powder or you could try switching the colors, making your stripes blue and your shapes red.

These are the materials I used to make the cards featured in the video tutorial above:
Product List

These are the additional materials I used to make the stepped-up version of the first card:

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