On My Mind Alternatives | July 2019 Paper Pumpkin Tutorial

Sometimes life throws you some curve balls and things get a little crazy. That’s been our live for the past couple of months. Things are starting to settle down for us and I feel like I’m finally starting to get caught up again.

I actually made and filmed these five (really six) cards soon after my July Paper Pumpkin kit arrived, but the video files have been sitting on my computer waiting for me to edit them. It’s finally done! Hooray!

I created these cards using only materials from the July 2019 Paper Pumpkin kit, adding only things you may have on hand such as cardstock and various ink colors. If you missed out on the kit, be sure to look for my upcoming Inspired by On My Mind video and blog post.


I LOVED this mandala stamp that came with this month’s stamp set. It was so beautiful. I used rainbow colors to cascade it down the front of my card. I felt like it needed just a little something more, so I added some dots and popped it up on a white card base. I love the simple, clean look of these rainbow cards I’ve been doing.


Lately I have been in love with the smooshing technique. I LOVE the simplicity and unpredictability of this background. It can be basick with just one color or you can add various colors for effect. For this card I used my stampin spot and tapped it on a piece of plastic wrapping that came in the kit and it looked beautiful. It is critical, however that you use watercolor paper for this technique.


I did a poll on Facebook, and discovered that about 50% of you don’t consider watercolor paper a standard craft room item for someone fairly new to card making/crafting, so I did a bonus card that doesn’t require watercolor paper. The layout is the same, but instead of using an ink smooching technique, I ran my ink spot over the background to give more of a whispy affect.


When I saw the dimensional circle used for the ship’s wheel, I immediatly thought of a shaker card. Fortunatly there was everyting I needed in this kit to make that happen. I used the packaging from the sequins and removed their sticky backs, and I was set to go. Shaker cards always make me smile.


Can you tell I’ve been having a lot of fun making vintage and distressed cards? This one is no exception. I cut an envelope apart for the background paper and used a card base and cutouts from the kit. I used some crumb cake ink with a sponge to distress the paper and the edges, and I’m happy with the way it turned out.

IMG_3371 2.PNG

This last card didn’t work out exactly as I hope, but I went with it anyway. I used the shell stamp and a card base that came in the kit to create a birthday card that will work well for any beach or sea side lover – even guys!

What do you think of the alternatives for this card kit? Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “On My Mind Alternatives | July 2019 Paper Pumpkin Tutorial

  1. Been a PP customer for 5 years and have only used 1 kit straight out of the box. I find that alternative cards are much more attractive and fun. Enjoyed your selection. Might even CASE one if ok with you!

    1. I agree. I have a lot more fun with the alternatives. I would love it if you CASE any of the cards here. That’s why I share them. 🙂 What’s been your favorite PP kit so far?

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