Changes on the Horizon


There are many changes happening in my life right now – some within my control and some not. Overall, I am encouraged and hopeful as I feel these changes will bring greater health and joy to me and my family.

I’m not 100% sure what things will look like here on Scraps of Encouragement. I think things will evolve naturally over the course of the next few months, but I can share with you a few changes I’m sure of.

#1 I will no longer be selling Stampin’ Up! Products.

This was a very difficult decision; one I have not taken lightly. I’m simply not able to maintain the level of engagement needed for me to be effective as a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator. I also find that my card making has become more about the products, but my heart is really with the process. I plan to let my Demonstrator status run out naturally in the next couple of months. This means you will no longer be able to purchase from me. I appreciate those of you who have chosen to support me by trusting me with your business. I’m happy to help you find another demonstrator who can meet your specific needs.

#2 The scope of projects shared will broaden.

I will continue to share projects using Stampin’ Up! products, but I will include retired products and products from other companies. I will also be branching out artistically as well and will include such techniques as original drawing, watercolor painting, colored pencil art, and more.

#3 My online store will include two categories: new and used craft supplies, and handmade cards, paper crafts, and artwork.

Fifty percent of the purchase price of handmade items will go toward (but not always fully cover – shipping cost and materials), the other 50% will go directly to a family working toward adoption. If there isn’t a family I’m working with at the time of purchase, those funds will be set aside until I’m able to partner with another adoptive family.

Also, look for full blog posts that showcase items in my shop as they are finished and become available. These posts will serve as a way to share a mini or full tutorial as well as a way to provide full photos to see the items up close before purchasing them.

#4 There will be a greater emphasis on encouragement and service.

Through sharing stories of adoptive families we are supporting, encouraging messages of hope, more opportunities for card drive, and bringing encouragement to others who need cards, I hope to put a greater emphasis on both encouraging you, my readers and subscribers, and working together to share that encouragement with others.

I may also share more personal-type posts that chronicle my progress as an artist and crafter.

#5 Expect less consistency with my posts.

I’m not excited about this one, but given my current life situation, it’s a reality that I must face. I plan to use the schedule feature as much as I can, but I’m not able to be consistent with big projects like my Paper Pumpkin Alternatives and Inspired by Paper Pumpkin. Even being regular with things like Simple Stamping Monday proves to be a challenge. While I still hope to post some of the same kinds of content, what’s coming and when the next post goes live will be a bit more of a mystery. Be sure to sign up for e-mail notifications if you don’t want to miss anything.

What’s not changing:

I’m still hoping to post tutorials, Simple Stamping Cards, Card Sketches, and other card making, craft, and art tips and tricks.

I still plan to make videos from time-to time.

I still have the goal of helping you find joy in creating as you spread kindness and encouragement with your scraps of paper.

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