Ellee’s Joy | Cards Matter

Sometimes it’s easy to feel like nothing we do matters, like the cards we make can’t possibly make an impact when there is so much hurt in the world. Sometimes I look at my own creations and think “It’s just a bunch of paper and some words.” Let me tell you, in that moment, I’m WRONG!

The written word is a powerful bringer of hope, encouragement, love, and celebration. In a world that moves at breakneck speed, the act of simply slowing down to write a message or create a special card may mean more now than it ever has.

It is my hope to bring you more stories of inspiration showing you that the cards you lovingly create DO matter. You may never know just how much your simple act of kindness means to someone else.

Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to show people they matter. Thank you for sending joy and encouragement, comfort and celebration. It matters. Cards matter.

Would you like to make a difference in the lives of other kids like Ellee? Consider partnering with Cards for Hospitalized Kids and sharing mail room joy with children of all ages facing each day with uncertainty.

Has receiving a card or cards been a particular blessing to you or someone you know? Please send me an e-mail so I can share your story on my blog to encourage the people behind handmade cards of love.

This is a closeup of the card featured with this blog post on my home page. It’s a simple wood texture background (from a 6×6 paper pack) with a white heat embosses sentiment on vellum. The hearts were made by clear embossing hearts punched out from colored Cardstock.

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