Helpful PDFs

Basic Stamping Supply Kit
If you’re just starting out in your card making journey and feel overwhelmed with all the supplies, this list will be helpful to get your stash going. You may also want to check out this post: What You Need to Start Making Cards Today.

Beginner’s Brochure
When you’re just starting out, looking at the whole catalog can be overwhelming. This brochure is just for you with great easy-to-use stamps and kits that are perfect for getting your feet wet.

Color Coach
Sometimes it can be hard to know what colors work together. This color coach gives you multiple combinations for every color in the Stampin’ Up! rainbow. Here’s the Coach for the current in colors.

Exchange Form
Need to exchange an item? Simply fill out this form and send it in with the item you wish to exchange.

New Consultant Starter Kit Suggested Items
If you decide to join my Stampin’ Up! team, you get to pick $125 of products for $99. Sometimes deciding what to get can be overwhelming. Here’s a suggested list. Follow it exactly or use it as a springboard for ideas.